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Give an elegant feel to any room with a Glass tile today!

Glass tiles give a bright look to your rooms creating a sense of openness and light. Man-made, glass tiles are made of a wide variety of effects. As they include the iridescent, pearlescent, marbled, and shiny finish. They are used to achieve soft beachy vibes, modern neutral space, or a bright look with bright colors.

Best Choice for Washroom or Pool Area

Additionally, glass tile is a natural choice for backsplashes because it is easy to wipe off any excess water, grease, and food. It is also easy to add color and pattern to a small scale. Tiles are a natural choice for shower walls because they are waterproof and available in a variety of colors and patterns that delight the beauty.

At AG Tile you will find the best choice of glossy, frosted glass, matte finish, and iridescent glass tiles suitable for your next tile project. Customers will find a great combination of stone, metal, and slide tiles that will incorporate a different texture of light. These tiles can be used to design a patterned or clear back in the kitchen or bathroom. We also offer shiny and cool glass strips in two styles and lots of colors. Experienced and well-trained employees perform their best to add a smooth and artistic finish to the edges of your tiles.

Glass Tile Range

We have an extremely diverse range of glass tiles. More than a thousand types of suitable glass tile and even the most sophisticated interior designs are available. Our variety and excellent balance of colors open the door to the free flow of the wild dream.

Depending on the physical and technological parameters, glass wall tiles are much higher than most tiles. Our glass tiles are extremely strong, durable, and resistant to moisture. In addition, glass tiles are one of the easiest tiles to wash because their surface is less inferior to ceramic tiles which means that these tiles are less prone to excessive odor and dirt.

For a subtle decorative splashback, we love Shell tiles. The various hues of beige, white, and gray mean that whatever your color scheme is, your tiles will fit inside while adding an extra touch of elegance. Choose tiles that match your furniture to create a combined look.

Glass tiles are amazingly durable finishing materials

A special coloring process, which includes the use of paint, as well as the protection of unique materials and heating methods. All of these factors prevent tiles from fading and color rendering.

Another advantage of glass wall tiles is that they can be successfully combined with many other finishing materials, such as Dutch tiles, granite, wood, plastic, and marble. Visit us today for the best service of floor installation.

Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Glass wall tiles can be used wherever you want: in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. They can even use to decorate large swimming pools. Decorate all the walls with glass tiles or use them as a beautiful part of a common design as this all depends on your preferences and imagination.
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